North Camp Continues to Grow

Day 12 since the Oceti Sakowin were reunited.

‘Overflow’ – ‘Spirit’ – ‘Oceti Sakowin’.   A camp of many names, containing many smaller camps, each named accordingly to denote either their tribal affiliation,   organization, purpose or a mixture thereof.   This ever expanding mega-camp is now home to tribal members and allies from across the nation and more are arriving every day.

The awe in which newcomers soak up the atmosphere is palpable. Everyone is encouraged to – and most do –  join in the myriad ceremony with many also sharing their own traditions, an act actively encouraged as long as there is deference to the Lakota faith.

The longer this resistance lasts, the more epic the story becomes.   History will remember that on April 1st, 2016 the Sacred Stone Camp was established on the banks at the confluence of the Cannonball and Missouri rivers.   Archives will show that it was the women and the youth that spearheaded the movement.   Historians will tell stories of the elders that met in the council lodge, they will tell of their prayer and their faith in the Canupa.   All who have and are yet to play a part will be changed forever.   History will recognize the camps as a sacred time.

As we type out this article, there are rumors that allies in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, from exotic locations as far afield as Brazil and New Zealand, are on their way to ‘Stand with Standing Rock.’    The strength of feeling in the righteousness of this standoff in defense of Ina Maka, or Mother Earth, cannot be in doubt.

There is a belief among many that this coming together is an answer to prayer.   They believe that this prayer started generations ago in the expectation that one day, seven generations into the future, prophecy would be fulfilled.    This stand against the DAPL is historic in the truest sense of the word.

There is a saying in the  Lakota language which reads ‘Mitakuye Oyasin.’  This translates in English to ‘We are All Related.’  An elder told us today that never has that felt truer than right now at the Oceti Sakowin Spirit camp.