Pipeline Company Destroy Sacred Sites and attack Protectors

In a shocking turn of events at the site of a proposed oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation, contractors working for Dakota Access Pipeline tore up sites designated as sacred and of cultural significance.

The specific area, around 15 miles from the current pipeline construction site,  was part of an amended update to federal documents yesterday detailing exact locations of burials and markers.
Up until this point, construction has been a Monday to Friday workweek.

It is hard to believe that given the sudden change in schedule and location that this wasn’t a brazen attempt to hide or destroy evidence that would have stopped the construction of the pipeline on its current route.

Sarah Ortegon – Shoshone/Arapaho – told us that “It’s disgraceful,” said the former Miss Native America 13/14. “it changed my life seeing what happened. My heart and mind have changed completely regarding the government and money”

Randez Baily – Standing Rock – said that she couldn’t believe the dogs were attacking the horses.  “I was so upset, so angry,” she told us, “I can’t believe they are doing this.”

(Dog with blood on his mouth, Photo Credit Democracy Now!)