Protectors attacked at Backwater Bridge.

November 20, 2016, water protectors were attacked by law enforcement brutalizing them with water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures.  Tear gas, rubber bullets, LRAD sound devices and concussion grenades were used to trap the protectors who were trying to clear the Backwater bridge roadblock for emergency vehicles.

There were over 150 protectors injured in the attack by the oppressing militarized law enforcement. Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II told NBC News, “From the beginning, we’ve had water protectors attacked by guard dogs, rubber bullets and mace. Last night, law enforcement upped the ante by using exploding tear gas canisters and water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures,”

“Many were taken to a gymnasium suffering from extreme hypothermia. Approximately seven people with more serious injuries, including two elders who were tear gassed and who suffered near cardiac arrest, were sent to a hospital in Bismarck for emergency treatment”, said Archambault.

By 8:30 PM one person had been arrested.