Inspirational Arrivals As Tribes Answer Call

Arrivals!  Standing Rock’s NODAPL resistance has inspired the entire world.   The movement was inspired in part by the amazing photography and video we saw coming out of the camps at Cannon Ball in North Dakota.  For us, none were as inspiring as watching our native brothers and sisters arrive.  Representing many tribal nations, one after one, they came to show solidarity.

First Video

We took our first video of an arrival in August.  We didn’t really give it much thought at the time, it seemed a nice thing to record.  It was a bit different to other things being recorded and stories being told about camp.    We couldn’t believe the reaction.   NDN was only new but the video amassed 132k views!  This record still stands today.   After that, we saw many and some people allowed us to share theirs too.  It seems like everyone loves arrivals!

We think above all the arrivals signified the solidarity and the rare coming together of people for a common cause.  It represented the hope of a change in the way humanity deals with crisis.   It was beautiful and inspiring.    Our love for them is obvious.

Please enjoy our videos of some of these great moments.