Defiance As Mni Wiconi Eviction Looms

In less than forty-eight hours they will be coming to evict the Water Protectors at the Oceti Sakowin camp.    This Mni Wiconi stand is coming to an end.

Reading through some of the thoughts shared in posts on social media,  it’s easy to the feel trepidation in the protector’s hearts.

During this resistance, the world has watched in complete horror while watching the surreal scenes played out before them.  It has begged the question;  How could a country – such as America – that prides itself as defining the very essence of freedom, continue a systematic and brutal genocide against its own indigenous population.   How is 2017 any different to 1817?

People have watched the live feeds and read the racist hateful comments given by white supremacists,   “Kill them damn savages!”  “Get rid of the reservations” “Starve them out” “put them all in jail”    Is this what America was built on?

In many ways, this eviction is THEIR publicity stunt.   Our protectors are just the pawns in a sick game.   This is meant to distract from events just over the hill and in DC.  The oil company continues to prepare its divisive pipeline to carry Bakken crude.    Talks of treaty rights are dismissed by each passing and poorly prepared representative that the Government sends.   Each treaty question, it seems, is greeted without eye contact and an acknowledgment that this is outside of their scope of knowledge – ‘We don’t know much about that.’


We Stand for Mni Wiconi


So, we stand.

It’s not over.

We are still here.

So as we ready ourselves for what is to come.  As we prepare to follow every news item on our favorite #nodapl FB feeds we must remember that we stand stronger together.   As this part of the movement reaches its climax we must remember that our differences are not as great as those that would do us material harm.

For the millions that this movement has ‘woke’ and those with a few more snoozes left on their cognitive alarm clock, we embrace a song by Lyla June during her Black Hills Unity 2016 concert

All Nations Rise – Lyla June

We hope you enjoy it.