We are completely surrounded!

Women;  Mothers, Sisters, daughters and Grandmothers.  All standing firm in the face of inevitable oppression. Women are and have always been the backbone of the people so it should be no surprise to anyone that it is them that are leading the stand for the water and for unci maka (grandmother earth).  Our beautiful women also stand for the ancestors who were brutalized as their land was stolen as they make a stand to defend the treaties so that they be respected and upheld.

Women put themselves on the line, risk being hurt, teargassed, shot and sprayed with water cannons.  They are in danger of being arrested, jailed – with no bail – and convicted of felonies.

Tonight we honor these women.   We recognize them all and we understand that they are life givers and protectors in every sense of the word.

As the sun sets tonight, we are called upon to pray.  Our Lakota holy man and carrier of the Sacred bundle, Arvol Looking Horse,  has asked that we all go into a ceremony, whatever ceremony you prescribe to and pray.

As the night progresses, they all are hopeful as they hear the sound of the Wakinyan, the thunder people. This means that they have been heard and help is coming.

We are sending smoke and tobacco down to all so that the prayer won’t stop and the Wakinyan stays.