Nations Rise up at Washington, D.C.

Rise up!  With the camps forcibly closed, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests have come to the nation’s capital.   Lodges have been erected under the Washington Memorial and the sound of Drums permeate the air.

The Indigenous People of North America have waited 150 years for the prophecy of Tasunka Witko (Crazy Horse) to come true. In that time, they have persevered and have continued to wax strong. They have seen poverty, violence, disease, disparity, intimidation and genocidal attacks.


Colonist governments used the same cultural assimilation playbook on ancient Europeans. Having no conscience, they tried to breed them out. On Turtle Island, they turned their heads while they let white men purchase Indigenous young girls from their starving families.

They broke the strength of a people by stealing their children and forcing the assimilation efforts rapidly. The cultural assimilation act seemed to be a successful destruction of the strength of a people. By taking the children away from their parents and structure, it produced the disease of depression on the rest of the families.


The DNA remembers all things. They all eventually come home.  Now they rise. Stronger, with courage and faith.  There is healing.  It’s now time to embrace and defend their heritage.

The Seventh Generation from the prophecy of Crazy Horse needs to remember that the elders they currently shun, are the elders that resisted in boarding school and maintained their language in secret meetings with each other. Without that effort, the culture would be lost.

Meanwhile, the English/Spanish languages accomplished a great thing for us, it served to unite us under one tongue. This is the language they are using now as they run total immersion programs to teach the native tongues.

I see the generations to come have the knowledge needed to stand. Having the courage and the faith to stand. Knowing that the only way to true freedom is by standing. Stand up! Stand!

Hokahe! Mitakuye Oyasin.