Dakota Access Pipeline security arrested.

A Dakota Access security officer was arrested Monday for domestic violence.  The domestic violence victim was a 21 yr. old female from Bismarck.

Kyle Thompson, a resident of Bismarck, North Dakota,  was observed hitting a woman from the inside of his car according to several witnesses.  Police searched his vehicle and found drug paraphernalia including syringes, spoons, a grinder and a glass smoking device containing residue. Also found was a handgun wedged between the front seat and the console.   A rifle was found in the back of the vehicle.

Dustin was expected to have more charges filed today.

The vehicle was registered to Thompson.

Thompson was disguised as a water protector when he drove down Highway 1806 towards the NODAPL camps. His intent was to take pictures of burning equipment.  He was carrying a loaded assault rifle and handgun while driving in an unmarked truck on October 27, 2016, according to a testimony given in court last month by Scott Betz from the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

Two water protectors allegedly forced Thompson from his vehicle by ramming their cars into his after they had determined he was threatening other water protectors.  There was another confrontation involving Thompson and water protectors involving Thompson going into the water carrying an AR-15 rifle stating that allegedly water protectors were threatening him with knives.

Dakota pipeline

At that time, police determined that Thompson was a victim and 3 water protectors were charged with endangering and terrorizing him. The three protectors names are Brennon Nastacio, Israel Hernandez, and Mike Fasig.

Thompson claimed Monday that all the items found in the car belonged to him.  He is citing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as his reason for the violations from three tours overseas.  Thompson is an army veteran.

Thompson has admitted to carrying a gun with him since the incident at the protector camp.

Video recorded by Lee Ann Eastman