Man Who Terrorized Mni Wiconi Journalist Free

Jesse Dean McLain, 33,  the man who was seen on a Facebook Live feed terrorizing the Mni Wiconi Journalist and Drone Pilot, Dean Dedman Jr. is a free man after accepting a plea deal which turned his two felony charges into misdemeanors.

Dedman – known as Shiye Bidzil on Facebook – became synonymous with the protection efforts against the Dakota Access Pipeline with his regular live streams in which he gave allies first-hand testimony of the current state of the camps and his coverage of DAPL with his incredible drone footage as the owner of dr0ne2bwild photography & video.     His ‘words of truth’ struck a chord with many but angered others, none more so it seems than McLain.

Jesse Dean McLain in a police mugshot after his arrest on Dec 8th, 2016.

Facebook Live

In one of the most iconic facebook live videos depicting the hostile attitudes that exist towards protectors in North Dakota, McLain is seen shouting angrily at Dedman and the driver of the car he was in while in the car park of the Ramada Inn, Bismarck.    He and his accomplice threatened both of them directly as well as giving a general threat to all protectors.    Despite the provocation, the two men in the car kept calm and refused to escalate the situation.   They were unable to leave the scene though because McLain’s vehicle was blocking theirs in.

Dedman is seen urging onlookers to contact the police as people step out of the hotel documenting the action on their Cell Phones.   You can see one of the masked men chase after one of the onlookers – after gathering a snowball – while his friend hurls a verbal tirade at another.

The Water is Life or Mni Wiconi, movement attracted tens of thousands of people to the camps at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in an effort to protect the water supply of the local people from the hugely controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.   Although the cause gained widespread international and domestic attention and support, locally opinion against the camps and protectors was strong.   Those feelings were largely fueled by a pro-oil North Dakota media, a PRO DAPL social media campaign and questionable accusations from local law enforcements.

Because of this bias, it won’t come as a shock to supporters of the movement that McLain is walking free as he serves out one year of probation and anger management classes.