Puyallup Tribe Resists Fracked Gas Facility

Tacoma, Washington.   More specifically the Port of Tacoma.  The site of a proposed and potentially devastating Liquid Natural (fracked) Gas plant on a site sandwiched between Puyallup reservation boundaries.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) aims to build the plant and have it operational within a year.  In behavior that may seem familiar to a multitude of Water Protectors, PSE, with the help of the City of Tacoma (CoT) bypassed normal regulatory processes and rushed through an Environmental Impact Statement without proper consultation with the Puyallup Tribe –  This is now being challenged in the tribe’s litigation with the CoT.

As also seems to be the case, the fossil fuel companies do not want to respect the legal process and are actively in the process of building the plant.

For perspective, there has never been an LNG plant of this size near homes, ever, anywhere.

Tribal Response

James Rideout and Anna Bean, both electoral candidates for the Puyallup Tribes upcoming council election joined the hosts, Tacoma Direct Action, for a show of resistance at the site at E 11th St & Alexander Ave E in the Port of Tacoma.     Groups such as Climate: First Responders and RedLine Tacoma were out in force.

“How far are you willing to go?” asked Rideout.  “Are you willing to pay the ultimate price?”  He then paused and looked at the crowd, “when it comes down to it I will guess we’ll see.”

His speech certainly caught the feeling of everyone there.    Many had found themselves arriving at the scene with active construction going on at the site.

Roxy Murray of Climate First Responders has been at the forefront of the battle with PSE.   She has worked tirelessly to raise awareness in the local community and to call the council to task.   “I’m Scared, Puget Sound Energy is moving forward with this even though the Puyallup Tribe has two lawsuits,”  she told us,  “They don’t care.”