Numbers Grow on Day Four as Protectors Sprayed

Numbers, as we told you on yesterdays feed, are everything!   Today we saw the number of people marching to the front line rise.  As awareness grows and news of the fight against the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant gets passed around, more people are drawn to stand.

Acrid Air

It’s an ugly truth that the air quality around Pierce County isn’t that great.    In the opinion of many local residents that is because of the industrial activity at the Port of Tacoma.   You might imagine, then, the air quality at the Port on a windless evening and while work crews grind up the road with heavy machinery.  On one of our stream from Monday night, you can see Jesse Nightwalker pointing out the roadside soil testing.  Just what are they throwing up into the air?

Because of this air quality, supplies of surgical face masks were brought in for the Water Warriors.  If we’re going to see our numbers rise, we have to take care of each other.  However, even with the masks, some left early and some even reporting that they had difficulty breathing.  It particularly affected those singing on the front line.


Bringing the masks proved to be a huge stroke of luck.    A vac truck sprayed a white dusty substance over the Protectors much to the shock of the group.   For a moment there was disbelief and then quick confirmation of what everyone had seen.

You can see the moment it happened in our feed, at the 1:30 mark, although we were facing away from the road at the time.

Construction Suspended

In what could be seen as a small victory, we have earned a reprieve.    All construction on the pipeline has been suspended until the 17th of July.   There is a lot of speculation and conflicting reports as to why the project was being delayed.   For now, though, Water Warriors get a well-deserved rest and have an opportunity to regroup before they are called upon again.