Prayer Vigil as Pipeline work begins

Pipeline crews were joined Monday (26th) night by members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and allies, native and non-native.   The sound of tribal drum and song came from Water Protectors.  They oppose the proposed Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facility that is under construction at the Port.   Puget Sound Energy continues to work towards building this 8 million gallon facility despite hiccups.  Those include increased local opposition to the plant and not yet having all of the required permits.

The people are standing to protest the laying of this pipeline and to voice their objections to the LNG facility as a whole.    The crews are digging so they can lay pipe on Taylor Way at the Port of Tacoma.  This pipeline is designed to feed fracked gas into the LNG facility and act as a distribution line for gas.

Pipeline Fever

As with all fights against the black snake, there are sacrifices and difficult decisions to make.   It is not an easy task to stand in this environment and precautions need to be taken.   Ominously the signs on the fence behind the construction workers warned of the hazardous inorganic arsenic that is in the ground.   Dust flew everywhere and the truck traffic came dangerously close.   The song never stopped and for a few hours, the beat of the drum continued unabated.   As a result, a message was sent tonight.  The sacrifice made by the Super 6 on May the 17th was honored.   “We’re going to keep going until we stop this plant.  We don’t want it on our lands,” said Dakota Case of the Puyallup Tribe.