Vigil to Protect, Second Night

Vigil not protest.  The theme for Tuesday 27th is prayer and song.  Dakota Case of the Puyallup Tribe has taken the task of leading the march to the frontlines.    He also now calls this  a ‘Water Warrior Movement.’    This is the second day of a stand against the construction work being carried out to lay a 16-inch pipe that will carry fracked gas to the LNG facility.

Tonight was powerful.  The woman warriors came and led the song for a couple of incredible hours.  These are moments that give you chills.   Unfortunately, our own video was accidentally deleted before we could download a master copy.    However,  our amazing friend Eva who is with Independent Two Spirit Media did get it;


As a backdrop to the battle against the LNG plant, this is fireworks season.   July 4th firework sales are a vital part of the local tribal economy.   ‘Firecracker Alley’ is on Puyallup Tribal land at the Port of Tacoma and to get there via the main access route you must drive past this construction site.    This is further frustrated because the construction is happening in the roadway, meaning there are long waits for drivers.   Flaggers working for the Pipeline company, flanked by the protective element of Tacoma’s finest and private security, are responsible for managing the flow of traffic.

As a consequence, this is having an immediate impact on business at the firework stands.  Some drivers are turning around as a result of the delays or they are avoiding the area entirely.

Vigil Streams

Although we lost our main live stream we do have three more videos and some pictures.  Jesse Nightwalker shared his live streaming talents and powerful voice for the Native Daily Network audience.    Tonight’s vigil was special.  A real bond is forming among the water warriors and a resolve is growing to carry on this work until we can shut the LNG plant down.  Allies have come in from as far as Seattle and Olympia.  Awareness is growing, which is seen as vital right now.