Black Snake Slithers into Bellevue

Black Snake.    This is the term activists working against damaging fossil fuel projects call the pipelines carrying the fuel.   It comes from a Native American Prophecy.

Today was considered a day of action for Water Protectors in Washington State.  An inflatable pipeline or Black Snake is carried into the Puget Sound Energy (PSE) headquarters in Bellevue.    The sound of song and drum filled the lobby of the building during a short occupation.

That was only the morning, however.

The afternoon was all about the water.   Kayaktavists at the Port of Tacoma paddled to TOTE where they held up a banner letting them TOTE know that we do not want the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Tacoma or anywhere.

Both of these actions were organized by the Backbone Campaign in partnership with native activists.   Tribal activists and allies, including RedLine Tacoma, Tacoma Direct Action, and Climate First Responders have been on the front lines fighting the LNG facility for several months.  Both events were considered to be successful.    Police showed a heavy presence at both locations and as a result, some plans had to be adapted but none were deterred.

New Reporter

It was also a debut of sorts.  Dakota Case was behind the camera, rather than in front of it, for much of today.  As much as anything, we strive at NDN to be a space that allows the story to be told first hand.   Dakota is an authentic voice on the environmental issues that are affecting members of the Puyallup Tribe.  He is a frontline activist and part of the Water Warrior Council made up of Puyallup Tribal members.    That council was set up to organize a grassroots tribal response to the LNG plant.   They also offer informal but effective leadership to all of the various groups working with them.

Dakota is passionate about defending his tribal rights as well as exposing colonialism.   His Great Grandmother was Yet-Si-Blu/Janet McCloud who was a champion of the Fish Wars in the 1970s.

We have four videos for you to watch.   Due to the length of the action at the Port of Tacoma, we ran three separate live streams.

The action in Bellevue.    Join us for the march through downtown Bellevue as well as the takeover of the Lobby.

The three videos below are in a sequential order.