Frack Off, Tacoma! Momentum Builds

Frack Off Tacoma!  The ‘Water Warrior’ movement continues to build momentum as members of the Puyallup Tribe, local Tacoma activist groups and allies continue to stand in prayer and song.  They are standing together to show their opposition to the fracked gas facility being built by Puget Sound Energy (PSE) at the Port of Tacoma.

Facility Not Wanted

To put it simply, people do not want the LNG facility in their city.   They oppose the potential dangers, which are myriad.  They strongly oppose the continued environmental violations and destroyed water tables that fracking brings.   PSE says they don’t ‘frack’ and that they just buy the fracked gas, taking no responsibility.   This isn’t good enough for the people of Tacoma.

Dakota Case is a member of the Water Warrior movement within the Puyallup Tribe.  He has rallied people together to protest the laying of the 16-inch pipeline that will feed the new facility with fracked gas.   “They are trying to put this on our lands and we do not want this on our lands.”

Quick Facts

Once at the new facility the fracked gas will be super cooled to -260° Fahrenheit which will turn it into liquid gas at 1/600 the volume of its gaseous form.   The proposed storage tank will hold 8 million gallons of LNG.    That amount of gas has an explosive force that is equivalent to 166 Kilotons of TNT.  For clarity, ‘Little Boy’ the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was 15 kilotons of TNT.  If you’ve done the math you’ll note that the LNG plant has an explosive force of over 11 Hiroshima bombs.  11.  ELEVEN.

A fire from a ruptured 8 million gallon tank LNG tank will reach 3000-degree temperature and extend for 2066 feet (almost 1/2 mile.)   Crematoriums operate at 1400-1800 degrees.   The temperature at 7000 feet (1.5) miles would see a living human get second-degree burns within 30 seconds.