Reinforcements Welcomed by Water Warriors

Reinforcements, in the form of a hundred or so Natives and Allies, arrived on Puyallup territory this Sunday.   The arrival and subsequent protocol concluded a three-day walk to protect the Salish Sea.   Standing with other Water Protectors in a fight against the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant seems like the perfect way to end the walk.

It had been a hard few days for many but one that was clearly fulfilling.   The intensity of the drum and song as the walkers met their hosts is hard to describe.   Magical might not even do it justice. As we are your 21st-century independent native media outlet, we are also in the moment too.   It was tempting to put the camera down and stop live streaming so as to fully experience what we were witnessing.   We didn’t put either the camera or switch off the live stream, of course.  We have a duty to share that experience with the world.  This is after all why we do what we do.   This is Native America folks, in the raw.

Reinforcements needed

Paul Cheoketen Wagner, flutist, activists, leader.    Paul had already been involved in the fight against the LNG facility.   He has spoken at Tacoma City Council meetings and attended courtside rallies for the Super 6.   As an indigenous leader, he knew that awareness had to be raised and that we needed more people to stand with us.   His ‘Protect the Salish Sea’ walk was seen as a perfect opportunity to bring the right people together.

He describes the walk on this gofundme page;

The people of our Salish Sea are rising like the tide to protect what we love and cherish as sacred, to stand together like the trees and lift each other up and the “each other” includes our grandchildren’s grandchildren, the orca and salmon people, the tree and bird people and all the other animal people of our Salish Sea. To stand in solidarity with Salish Sea tribes to ensure their treaty rights are honored and respected and for other nations to have their unceded territories and natural laws honored and respected.