Olympia Takeover – Puyallup Warriors

Olympia, WA.   The parking lot of the Utilities Trade Commission.

This gathering was a first coming together in a few weeks for all associated with the fight against the Liquid Natural Fracked Gas facility (LNG) being built in Tacoma.    The Puyallup Water Warriors did well to bring together all allies.  Today they had an added extra – 3 members of the Puyallup Tribes council.

As is now the norm for such gatherings, song and drum filled the air with Coastal Salish songs. Everywhere you looked you could see colorful signs which showed support for the water and opposition to fossil fuel projects.


UTC Rate Hearing

Thursday evening saw residents stand up and speak out against Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Colstrip Power Plant at a Rate hearing.   The power plant was rated the 3rd worse polluting facility in the United States in 2015.   Locals want it shut down by 2025.   Of course, this is PSE we’re talking about and many could not resist a chance to show support for those trying to close down Colstrip.   Tribal representatives and activists also took the opportunity to tell PSE that they do not want the LNG.

Tribal Council and Legends

David Bean, Annette Bryan, and James Rideout all came out to speak today to underline the tribe’s absolute opposition to the LNG facility.  Also present was the legendary Ramona Bennett.   Ramona was a champion of Treaty rights involving the Puyallup Tribe as well as a former Tribal Chairman.

RedLine Tacoma was honored by many of the speakers.   Their support, respect and tireless work on behalf of the Puyallup Tribe and indigenous communities is especially noted.

Each speaker spoke passionately about their support for the fight, the gratitude they have for those that have stood with them and their determination to see this through.    Annette Bryan spoke of permit violations and told the crowd that the Tribe is issuing a Stop Work Order on Puget Sound Energy to cheers and whoops from everyone.