Work Continues Despite Lacking Proper Permits

Work continues today at the site of a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facility that Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is building at the Port of Tacoma(POT).  This is despite lacking a vital Notice of Construction (NOC) permit from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA.)

The permitting language is clear.  Work on the facility, pipelines or infrastructure can’t start until a complete NOC has been received and passed a review.  There will then be at least one public hearing and a period of public comment.    PSCAA state on their website that, to date, they have not received a complete permit application.

Moreover, the permits that PSE do have are conditional on others and without the NOC the pack of cards falls.  Our report on the status of PSE’s permits can be found here.

Resistance Continues

The recent arrests of Dakota and Chester in Fife were due to them challenging continued construction without the proper permits.   We know now that pipelaying work is being carried out under a right of way permit issued by the City of Fife.   Environmental groups contend that without a Notice of Construction, the Fife permit is invalid.

The arrests have galvanized the movement and it continues to grow and attract more interest.    This Thursday (the 21st) will see a Day of Action as activists march on PSE offices in Washington State.   Activists in Australia will also march on the Headquarters of PSE’s owners, the Macquarie Group.

Follow this link to find an action in your area: