Tripod Activists Block Gates

On the first approach,  the activist appeared to be hanging on a cross instead of on a tripod.  The night was waning as the first hint of light edged the eastern sky.  Her (tripod person) supporters were busy tightening up every last detail to help the tripod heroine make her stand.  When asked how she was doing, she seemed determined to see this through until the end of the day.

 Police Approach

Eventually, the police appeared on the scene. Judging by the astonished looks on their faces, one might have thought they appreciated the effort of the tripod trio.  There were 3 people at each main gate attached to a tripod and refusing entrance into the LNG facility site.  The police first looked into their safety.  They then advised them that they would be arrested if their tripod was chained to the fence. Finally, the Tacoma Police Department stepped back to observe.

Tripod Trio Triumphant!

Fortunately, all 3 gates were able to maintain the protectors and bar workers from entering the facility.  At Gate #1, the workers and security were gracious in their assistance to the tripod team.  They made sure the gate that the tripod was in front of was not able to take in any vehicle traffic. Their actions demonstrated that safety of all was tantamount.  However, in today’s action, the protectors were triumphant.  The plan, as told to us, was to raise awareness and to halt the illegal construction.  They said they have achieved both objectives through this early morning deployment.

Support Arrives

While the morning waxed toward noon, songs and prayers were offered up. In addition, The Indigenous who led came from Protectors of the Salish Sea and the Puyallup tribe, respectively. The consensus was that the point had been proven.  Construction had been halted for several hours.  The protectors had completed the task.  Most noteworthy, there were no arrests.  Consequently, there was another action to attend.  A courtroom hearing was beginning.