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NDN’s founder, Benita Moore, is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  Benita has a dream to provide a platform so her indigenous brothers and sisters are given an opportunity to explore their passions and talents.   Her philosophy is that each persons story should be told first hand.

Providing on the ground independent media is a passion and a labor of love.  We help tell the stories the mainstream media refuse to.

To date,  NDN has been entirely self-financed but we realize we are coming to a point in our growth where residual costs are growing, particularly when we are on the road and costs of operation are increasing as old gear is getting worn out and our scope of work increases.

How to Support Native Daily Network

We would be honored if you chose to contribute to NDN to help safeguard a future for independent indigenous media.

We accept contributions directly through PayPal for your convenience.

1. Monthly Pledge. In addition to the above PayPal account, if you would prefer to pledge monthly contributions please click on the link below.


2. Wishlist Campaign for new equipment.   We have an Amazon Wishlist listed in order of priority,  to replace aging gear and vastly improve the media we produce.

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